Automatic Email Alerts

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 01/03/2017

The Human Focus system now features automatic email alerts, available to all users. Alerts include those to issue new users login details, for when new programmes are added to the system, when programmes are about to expire and more. Managing training on the Human Focus system will now be easier and more to the point, with users knowing when new training is available, or when necessary training is about to expire.

Email alerts can be accessed and customised when logged in as an administrator, in the administration tab on the left of the screen.

Types of alert include:

  • Welcome message for new trainees - Issues logins
  • Programme unfinished/not yet started
  • Programme expiry date approaching
  • Programme/certificate has expired (1 day)
  • Programme/certificate has expired (1 month)
  • New programme has been added to the system
  • Programme has been completed
  • Training set has been completed

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