Live webinar 22nd April, 2015 – See how to get your health and safety training to work

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 14/04/2015

Health and safety training is not working – we are not getting the behaviours on the job that are needed to keep people safe. In this series of blog posts I have explored why this is so and in the last edition I introduced how the latest e-Learning technology combined with the use of mobile computing is starting to address these problems.

I showed how the Human Focus Create Training module – 1 of 5 that work within this e-Learning system – can be used via mobiles to rapidly author and distribute your own video e-Learning programmes. Programmes that are absolutely bespoke to each job in your organisation and therefore show employees exactly what they need to do – which is the first step in getting the behaviours you need to keep people safe.

The same system can be used to provide feedback to employees – to show them how they are doing – which is the 2nd , and, perhaps most important step in helping people to learn any skilled behaviour

In this edition I am going to introduce a 2nd Module, Workplace Reporting,
which also works seamlessly within the same e-Learning system. We’ll see how it works in tandem with the Create Training module enabling you to train your colleagues as they work and powerfully drive behavioural change on the job.

Before we take a look, let’s briefly recap the problem, explored in a previous blog, which the Workplace Reporting module addresses. You may remember this graph – the forgetting curve. What it shows is that we can learn a lot in a short space of time, but, we also forget most of it quite quickly.

The forgetting curve shows is that:

  • After 1 hour trainees will have forgotten approximately 50% of the information your course has delivered – yes 1 hour!
  • After 24 hours, they will have forgotten around 70% of new information, and
  • Within 1 week, they will have forgotten on average 90% of it.

You may also remember the so called spacing effect.

The blue line compares what happens if we provide more opportunities to repeat the learning, and, over a longer period of time. The learning becomes far more durable with much better long-term retention. What this shows is that repetition is good, but, that spaced repetition is even better!

What this means is that we cannot rely on cramming trainees’ heads with information – they will just forget most of it in a short space of time. We have to find new ways of delivering the supporting information they need, when they need it, and where they need it.

This is so called ‘learning at the moment of need’, where information is delivered by smart work aids, on-the-job. And this is where the Workplace Reporting Module comes in.

It works via a system of e-Labels – that have these barcodes – you can create these in seconds and attach to them your bespoke training programmes. When scanned – employees can then access this guidance where and when they need it via a Human Focus app on any mobile device. You can also include checklists for them to fill in to report on what they have done.

In effect, you can post your bespoke learning courses into the workplace to and place them at the finger tip of your colleagues. So, for example, you could post an E-Label on a machine and include a video on how to clean and service it along with a maintenance checklist. The user scans the e-Label – watches the video to remind themselves of what to do, and then, after completing the work sends back the a copy of the maintenance checklist.

You receive this the instant it’s sent and any one else in your organisation authorised can also see them. You can send them on to others as a pdf document at the click of a button. The uses for these training e-Labels are endless.

  • Put them in operating manuals as reminders on the job,
  • In training manuals of classrooms courses to help extend learning
  • Put them on site induction or pre-job start forms to inform what’s required.

These are just a few examples of how this system is helping to extend learning from our of the classroom and onto job. This technology provides a solution for the forgetting curve providing learning at the moment of need. It accommodate learning is an going process that providing spaced events which as we have seen is a powerful principle for making your training stick.

You may remember from my last blog post that I am holding a free interactive webinar on the 22nd April to demonstrate this web system in action and show case studies of how it is being used.

At this event I will cover both the Create Training and Workplace Reporting Modules and show how the two work in tandem to form a single system that – helps to get the job done safely

If you have not already booked your place fill-in the booking form on this page or drop me an email on

Places to this live are free but are limited and on a first come first serve basis. They are going fast and there are not many left so if you are interested book now to avoid disappointment.

I hope you will take this opportunity to see how this latest web training technology can help to radically improve the effectiveness of health & safety training in your organisation and I look forward to speaking to you at the live event on 22nd April.