How to get your health & safety training to work – live webinar 22nd April, 2015

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 23/03/2015

So far in this series of blogs I have shown you that health and safety training is not working because of a number of basic problems in the way in which it is typically designed and delivered.Links to previous episodes:

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I hinted that I will explore solutions to these problems – and that’s what I am going to start do this this edition. I’m going to show you how health and safety trainers are now using the latest web-based e-Learning tools and mobile computing to tackle the type of health and safety training problems I have highlighted. These tools can help you to get more of the on the job implementation of the skills you are looking for. At the end of this blog there is an invitation to a live webinar where you can see for yourself these tools in action (see the sign-up form – top right).

Before we take at look at these solutions let’s briefly recap on the problems we have said are undermining our health and safety training programmes. One of the problems is that too much training is of a general nature – it does not show the trainee specifically what they need to on the job – It’s like what we are giving them is a square peg and that doesn’t then fit a round hole when they get back in the workplace. To be effective your training needs to show “this how you perform your job” and not in some general way – it has to provide blow-by-blow instructions for each role in your organisation, and, in the real world – not the classroom.

Think of it as a library of how to get the job done safely courses covering your entire organisation. Of course, once trainees start to have a go – they then need feedback on how they are performing so that they can improve. Without feedback people won’t learn and develop their job competency. Up to now this has been given by talking – comments and suggestions from trainers or line managers. Managers and trainees often hate this – many find giving or receiving feedback awkward and patronising.   So, a number of years ago I took these problems as a starting point and wondered how web-based training tools could be developed to help overcome them. The result is an e-Learning system like no other – one where line managers and front line employees are using mobile computers to create their own visual operating manuals that they use to train and coach their teams. Let’s take a look at it.

The Human Focus Create Training module, is one of five that work within this web-based e-Learning system. It enables you to produce job specific video training sessions in your workplace from within a dedicated Human Focus mobile app. Via a simple video recording tool now you can capture best practice as it happens and then use it to train others. Add signs and captions to highlight key points and overlay audio commentary once you get back to the office.

Then, upload your course to the Undertake Training Module – a learning management system that broadcasts your training course out to all the employees who need to see it. As part of this you can easily add your own test questions via a simple training quiz building tool.

The Create Training module can also be used to provide video feedback to specific trainees by observing them as they work. Identify them via their Training Passport – another module in this system – and your video performance appraisal will go straight to their e-Learning account.  This turns feedback sessions on it’s head – the trainee becomes the trainer. As the trainee reviews their own video performance appraisal they interact with it – they are invited to input their own evaluation. This creates a whole new learning situation and they are naturally interested because they are the star! But the fundamental benefit is that it puts the responsibility for learning onto the trainee.

Training is no longer something done to them and morphs into a process that they help control and lead.   Video is also proven to be a much more effective form of feedback than verbal instructions. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words has been proven by many research studies. If a trainee can actually see what they are doing well, or not so well, then they will learn much more rapidly. And if a still image is worth a thousand words, then even a short video is worth millions!   So to recap – how does this module help tackle the problems we have reviewed? Because, as we have seen to perform any task you need a specific demonstration of what’s required, and, people need feedback on how they are performing if they are to improve – and video feedback is the most powerful way to learn – and that’s what this tool provides.  The uses of this system are endless – create a pictorial operations manual for each job in your organisation as well sites inductions, tool box talks, well you get the idea.

I have given you here a flavour of this cutting edge training technology and how it is helping to overcome the fundamental design flaws we have reviewed.  If you would like to see it in action then come along to a free interactive live webinar on the 22nd April 2015 where I will demonstrate this system in use and show case studies of how it is being used.  During this event you see how this latest web technology is helping to improve the effectiveness of health and safety training; we will explore best practice in this area, and, how it can help to get more on the job implementation of the skills you need to keep people safe.

To book your place fill-in the booking form on this page or drop me an email on Places to this live event are free but are limited and on a first come first serve basis – so please, if you are interested book now to avoid disappointment.  I hope you will take this opportunity to see how you can radically improve the effectiveness of health & safety training in your organisation and I look forward to speaking to you at the live event on 22nd April.