Sickness Absence

Employee Awareness – What Everyone Needs To Know About Sickness Absence

This e-Learning programme provides a briefing for all employees on what steps they must take in the event of taking time off work due to sickness. It can assist in the implementation of any sickness absence policy as the principles covered are of a universal nature.

Essentials of Sickness Absence Management

This e-Leaning programme provides a briefing for all line managers in the vital role they play in ensuring high standards of employee attendance and what they must do in the event of sickness absence.

Keeping In Touch with Absent Employees

This e-Learning programme explores why it is vital for line managers to maintain regular contact with employees who have taken time off work due to sickness absence.

Getting the Tone Right when Talking to Absent Employee

This e-Learning programme provides practical instructions for line managers when contacting a colleague who has taken time off work due to illness.