Smooth Driver

Smooth Driver Training for Enhanced Safety and Fuel Economy

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This online driver training course covers advanced techniques in smooth driving which:


•   Improve fuel efficiency

•   Reduce wear and tear on vehicles

•   Improve safety


It has a unique format that includes an initial e-Learning course, followed by an on-going training reinforcement programme that tracks the performance of each driver and provides them with feedback.  There is an option to include vehicle telematics to help analyse and improve their on-road performance.


Smooth driving, often referred to as ‘Eco-driving’, is not only proven to reduce fuel consumption (studies show anywhere from 5->20% in fuel bills) it’s also believed to deliver improved safety.  Why?   Because smooth driving requires good forward planning.  This not only helps reduce fuel consumption but also increases the likelihood of spotting hazards early and taking evasive action.



Course aims

This course is not about teaching the basics of driving or pointing out obvious safety points.   All qualified drivers know how to drive and the highway code. Rather, this course aims to make trainees a better driver by helping to:


•   Alter the way they use vehicle controls – smooth with less braking and acceleration

•   Improve road positioning – to reduce unnecessary stopping and starting

•   Improve anticipation and hazard perception – to help plan ahead and reduce unexpected stops and maintain momentum.


The skills covered in this course are not the norm. Even if trainees are aware of smooth driving techniques this course can still help to improve their on road skills via unique theory and practical based structure (see below).


Structure of this course

This course  is comprised of 6 initial theory-based e-Learning modules covering:


  • Smooth Operation of the Vehicle Controls
  • Effective Road Positioning
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Speed
  • Distractions
  • Developing Your Driving Skills


Once completed this course then moves to a practical training reinforcement element.  Each trainee is sent a programme of weekly alerts – either via email or to their mobile that:


•   Recaps initial modules to jog their memory

•   Repeats test questions to ensure key learning points have stuck

•   Surveys their opinion on how they are getting on applying the skills

•   Track their performance and provide feedback –



Telematics that can monitor on-road performance


The training reinforcement has the option of including the use of telematics data to automatically analyse a trainee’s on-road performance.   This can be done either via an integrated mobile app, or, via an existing vehicle telematics system if you already have one installed.


The use of telematics as part of the training reinforcement is optional – so there are two formats for this course.


•   Smooth Driver Light – initial e-Learning plus on-going training reinforcement without telematics


•   Smooth Driver Full – initial e-Learning plus on-going training reinforcement including the use of telematics – either via a mobile app or your own telematics system