New safety training on line tool makes it easy to decide who needs what training

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 14/06/2011

Does your organization struggle to file and collate employee training records – and then decide who is competent from a health and safety perspective? The Human Focus safety training on line system now has an impressive new tool that can help ease this administrative nightmare and make deciding who needs what training a push of a button. From a health and safety competence perspective there are five main problems faced by employers – these are:

  1. What training has an employee received? This sounds obvious – but it’s often an administrative headache to simply collate and make sense of a wide range of safety certificates for each worker. For many employers this is a major administrative burden.
  2. Is the training recognised / of a reasonable standard? There are literally tens of thousands of health and safety training courses provided by an unregulated market. Quality standards vary significantly.
  3. Is the training current? Most course have an expiry date and will have to be repeated at anything between 1 and 5 years intervals – if you have lots of pieces of paper in a filing cabinet who is keeping an eye on when qualifications have expired
  4. What does the training cover? Even if the course is reputable – it is often difficult to judge it’s content and extent – for example there is a big difference between a course that last 1 hour as opposed to 3 weeks.
  5. What training do you need to provide? Even if all the certificates are available and it’s clear what the courses cover, employers must still judge if the training fits task in hand. Again – this is an administrative headache that is both costly and time-consuming

The new Human Focus safety training on line tool provides the following features – it:

  1. Stores training records (from any source or provider) for each employee in a web-hosted application – all of your organisation’s training records can be stored securely in a single web account
  2. Analyses these records to identify health & safety training gaps – it has built-in artificial intelligence so that it can analyse any recognised health and safety training qualifications against the needs of a given job – this is training needs analysis at the push of a button.
  3. Administrates these records – for example, it flags when a training qualification has expired, sends email prompts when training needs to be taken / re-taken

If you would like a free, no-obligation trial of the Human Focus system and this new health and safety training compliance tool just drop me a line at