Self-Authoring System Enables You To Generate Your Own Online Health & Safety Training Courses

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 07/08/2012

Human Focus now offers a self-authoring system that enables you to easily produce your own online health and safety courses. All you need is your own PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively, existing Human Focus courses can be modified with your own content or to meet your needs. This system can ensure that your training is specific for your staff members roles and tasks and stays relevant to your needs.

The self-authoring system can be used in two ways:

  1. Convert your own PowerPoint presentation into a video based online training course in a few hours. The system is easy to use and includes full technical support to help you load and produce your content and load the files onto the Human Focus system ready for instant delivery to your staff members.
  2. Modify existing Human Focus courses to meet your needs. For example, take out sections that perhaps are not relevant to your needs or add your own logo or other content.

For more information about this self-authoring system please contact