Reconstruction Of Court Cases Highlight The Importance Of Compliance With Health And Safety Legislation For Companies

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 13/11/2012

Human Focus have produced two new video training programmes which reconstruct two health and safety court cases. These online courses are a must see for all managers and directors in particular. They are based on real cases and highlight the legal consequences that individual managers and directors face for health and safety breaches.

The first programme is a reconstruction of a case that provides an introduction to criminal health and safety legislation. The case features an employer being accused of failure to carry out their duty of providing health and safety training so far as is reasonably practicable for an employee working at height. A director is found guilty of negligence and sentenced to a prison term. The programme takes you step-by-step through the trial process, from the indictment, the prosecutions opening statement, and witness examination to the verdict and sentencing.

The second court case reconstruction features a civil liability claim against an employer, made by an employee. The liability claim is the result of a back injury sustained while at work, with the employer accused of being responsible for this injury; as they did not provide manual handling training among other failures of health and safety management.

This second programme takes you through the trial process for a liability claim including the claimant’s case, defendant’s case and the judge’s judgement and the calculation of damages incurred.

For more information and to watch the Introduction to Criminal Health and Safety Legislation and the Introduction to Civil Health and Safety Legislation then please contact