How Camfil Farr, A Competent Contractor, Has Benefitted From This Service

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 22/11/2012

Camfil Farr are a contractor who work for Skanska Facilities Services. They manufacture and install clean air solutions. Camfil Farr have been enrolled in the Competent Contractor system for 3 years. Over this period they have demonstrated significant improvements in their health and safety training. They choose to use the Human Focus e-Learning system to help achieve these improvements. Here is their account of this journey…

Brian Haslam, Quality, Environmental And Energy Manager:

“We think it’s an excellent tool for keeping health and focus at the forefront of people’s minds and the way that we use it we actually don’t want people to complete the training. And that way we get them to complete one or two modules a month – that’s the idea. And in that way they’re always thinking about health and safety as it’s always being brought to their attention.

Again, with the question and answer between each module – adds credence to it. It’s raised the profile of health and safety within the company. Its also enabled us to demonstrate to our customers that they are training – that we are training our people on health and safety because we can provide certificates at the end of the training, we can provide samples of that.”

The Human Focus system has a huge library of training courses – how have you used this?

“We’ve picked particular training to pick particular environments. So our office staff have a selection of about ten modules, health and safety in offices, fire in offices, manual handling in offices and the beauty of it is, is it also gives us the opportunity to be specific for the people on the shop floor or the warehouse – particularly with something like manual handling. So the training is aimed at them and it’s not just a generic video.”

What are your views on the administration module for training records?

“I’m constantly going into those training records to see what people have done etc, and again to provide confirmation to customers. Rather than sending them 12 certificates you can send them a page dump from the training and say ‘this is the training that they’ve had’. It’s nice and it’s current and again it makes it meaningful.”

Has the system been easy to use?

“Yes, yes – even our more techno-phob’ employees have had no trouble using it. We have a number of immigrant workers and our language in the business is English, so they take the training and we’ve found that its not been a problem.”

Would you recommend the Human Focus e-Learning system to other contractors?

“Absolutely, in fact I’ve done so to a number of people. I think it’s excellent value for money, I think it’s excellent training to keep health and safety at the forefront. I would not hesitate to recommend. It’s value for money, it’s really good training, it’s short bites, rather than sitting in a class room environment for half a day, it’s 20 minutes, it’s meaningful – and your attention span is no longer than that [20 minutes] anyway so it’s perfect for that.”

We would like to thank Brian Haslam, of Camfil Farr, for his assistance in making this programme.

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