New Facility Now In Place To Help Client And Contractors Keep Up To Date With Insurance Certificates

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 09/04/2013

There is now a facility on the Human Focus CMS which automatically reminds contractors to update their insurance documents when they are due to expire. The new facility will help both clients and contractors keep up to date with their records to maintain best practises in health and safety. This will help ensure that no contractors go onto sites uninsured.

The first reminder email will be sent three days before expiry of insurance. The system will then send another reminder, three days after this first email and then a further one seven days after the very first email, if the documents have not been updated. This facility will help clients to check and ensure documents supplied by their contractors are current. The facility also serves as a reminder for contractors to provide documents that show that they are complying to safe standards at work. This facility is now live.

Please email for any queries.