New Home Page Makes Essential Services Easier to Use

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 13/03/2014

The Human Focus e-Learning system now has a new Home page which makes it easier to track your progress and access essential services (see below)

The new Home page dashboard with the following functions:

  • Training card feature - employees can easily share all of their training records via a personalised training card. This is printed-off and includes a unique QR code that can be scanned by any mobile phone or tablet giving instant access to the trainee's records - including copies of certificates.
  • New course link - the number of any new courses that have been added to the account is shown along with a link that takes you directly to these new courses
  • Personal training progress bar - shows the status of the e-Learning courses that are required to be taken in a simple graphical bar along with a single training completion % score
  • Team / group training progress bar - shows the status the relevant group or team in terms of the e-Learning courses that are required to be taken. Just like the "Personal training progress bar". This facility is only displayed to designated team managers and they will only see the results of their team or group of trainees.
  • Trainee Profile Details - the dashboard allows easy update of a trainee's details including the upload of a passport photograph.

To view the new home page simply login to your Human Focus e-Learning account. We hope that you find this upgrade useful and please let us know what you think.