New Mobile App for accessing the Human Focus e-Learning System

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 17/09/2014

Trainees can now access the Human Focus e-Learning system anywhere, anytime, via a new mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The app is free to download from the Apple iTunes / Android store (search on “Human Focus”).

This new Human Focus mobile app will:

  • Enable trainees to gain full access to your organisation’s suite of e-Learning courses
  • Facilitate learning for hard to reach employees – they can now learn where and when suits them
  • The results of any training course taken on the mobile app is automatically loaded back into your organsiation’s e-Learning account enabling you to monitor learning in the usual way.

    Trainees are required to login to the app prior to each training course in the same way they do on the desktop PC version.

    Please note that the app requires the downloading of video files which may affect mobile phone call plans. By default the app is set to avoid roaming charges by using WiFi connection only. A user can turn on “Cellular Connection” if they choose but are warned they may incur download charges.

    Users are also informed of these connection arrangements on their first time login and are required to acknowledge personal responsibility for any data download charges. Acceptance of these terms and conditions are stored in the trainees e-Learning account.

    To start using the Human Focus mobile app go to the Apple iTunes or Android store on your mobile device and search on “Human Focus”. Login to the app using your normal e-Learning account login codes.