Skanska FS Thanks Contractors For Successful Live Running of Competent Contractor Service

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 13/03/2012

Skanska Facilities Services (FS) has recently achieved full operational status with the Competent Contractor system across many of its sites. This is the culmination of considerable preparatory work by both Skanska FS and their contractors. Charles Harrison says: “As the Skanska FS coordinator of our contractor management system (Human Focus Competent Contractor) for Healthcare, MOD, Schools and Scotland, may I take this opportunity of thanking all of our contractors for the significant effort they have put in and for the improvements we are seeing during the first few months of the live running of the Human Focus card swipe system at these sites. Our best performing contractors are now consistently attending site with their Human Focus training card which is helping to save time and effort for all concerned. Last month we swiped 31% of the entire previous year’s total – which is excellent. This is an important part of our contractor compliance system and helps us ensure that we know who is working on Skanska FS sites and what training they hold. As we have a joint responsibility for health and safety, I am sure you can appreciate it is in all of our best interests to seek further improvements, and with your continued help I am sure we will achieve this.”

It is planned that the remaining Skanska FS sites in the South of England will shortly achieve the same performance improvements. Charles Harrison explains – “In the very near future we will have appointed Lloyd Smith to coordinate our commercial business in the South of England, who will be endeavouring to put into practice live running contractors to ensure compliance with the Human Focus system, that has been widely successful in the other sectors of the FS business. I trust that the contractors on these sites will support Lloyd with implementation of the scheme.”