Human Focus online courses are now SCORM compatible – run courses in your own learning management system

By IANPEMBERTON | Published: 06/08/2012

All courses on the Human Focus e-Learning system are now SCORM compatible. This means that if you have your own learning management system (LMS) and need health and safety training content it’s simple to embed our courses into your LMS.

One of the benefits of doing this is that it provides a seamless experience for your employees, as the courses will appear to run on your own learning management system. All training results are stored in your database, making them easy to access and track.

It also means that you can add RoSPA approved health and safety training courses to your own training library, raising the standards of training as well as the accessibility to this training.

Embedding Human Focus courses into your LMS can be used along side our self-authoring tool, which allows you to edit existing Human Focus e-Learning courses to better meet your organisation’s needs. It also allows you to transfer your current health and safety training into interactive online programmes.

For more information on embedding our courses into your LMS or to hear more about the Self Authoring tool, please contact